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The Playing Cards of The World!

An Unofficial Reference for Collectors of relatively modern Playing Cards

National Cigar History Museum

Site picturing 5,000+ tobacco related objects, boxes, labels, advertising, stamps, cutters, lighters, playing cards, etc., from around the world. This is a huge and well-done work of Tony Hyman who is really passionate by his hobby. This is a must see!

Jelle's Coca-Cola & Dutch Playing Card

Jelle is a Dutch Jokers and Single Playing Cards collector. He's collecting more particularly Dutch cards and Coca-Cola single swap cards. He is showing us his Dutch Playing cards collection (1909-1969) and present us the world-wide and unique Coca-Cola Single Playing Cards catalog (Even wanted to say the "Official" catalog) A must see!.

Brewery Playing Cards

The ultimate Brewery Playing Cards online catalogue. Tremendous work from Joeri and his father.

Jan and Natalie's Single Playing Cards Collection

Jan collect playing cards from 2004 and Natalie collect them from 2008. They collect all the types of playing cards you can see on their homepage. Thousands of cards are scanned and classified by category.

The British Brewery Playing Cards Society (BBPCS)

Mike, Maxine and Eric collect and buy all types of advertising playing cards, especially brewery ones.

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